Which Are The Best Table Tennis Racket For Beginners/intermediate Players

Ping pong is a well-liked indoor sport on the planet. The Worldwide Ping Pong Federation has greater than 222 countries participating. Ping pong could be performed anywhere provided that you’ve a table, a divider internet, and a minimum of two ping pong rackets.

A great ping pong match depends on the abilities of both players and the kind of racket plays a pivotal role in the way the game progresses.

You might not are interested the the best ping pong racket unless of course you’re a professional player. Although ping pong rackets aren’t cheap, you should steer obvious from the bottom feeders since you may be compromising around the quality and also the durability from the racket.

In the following paragraphs, we shall consider Best Ping Pong Rackets for novices and intermediate players.

Best Ping Pong Racket for novices

For individuals who’re starting to get used to the sport, the priority is always to learn to contain the racket, serve a collection, and the way to return a success. The ping pong rackets at this time require a strong wooden core to soak up the outcome from the ball striking the racket along with a rubber exterior that can help them learn how to control the trajectory from the ball. The next are the popular beginner’s rackets:

Yasaka Original Racket

An exciting-round playstyle compatible ping pong racket, the Yasaka Original Racket is a superb option for individuals beginning out. This competition quality blade is outfitted using the Yasaka 2. mm Original XHG rubber. It features a good weight balance and functional grip handle to assist holding the bat.

Gambler Rosewood

Gambler Rosewood is really a premium ping pong racket. The blade consists of 5 plies of exotic rosewood adopted by striped cypress having a Kukai wood core as well as an additional 2 layers of IM8 grade Carbon (5 wood 2 IM8 Carbon). Top of the rubber mats are 2.1mm mid soft Stacked Interactive Coil structure sponge.

Donic Waldner 400

The Donic Waldner 400 is crafted with handling and impact absorption in your mind. The concave handle helps to ensure that the player’s hands does not move much while playing. The outer rubber is 1.5mm thick to soak up maximum pressure.

Gambler Quick Strike

One step-up in the Gambler Rosewood, the Gambler Quick Strike is made from 5 plies of Limba and Kukui wood with a lot more 2 layers of PolyCarbon for optimum stabilization and control. Combined with Gambler Shadow rubber mats together with 1.6mm thick soft sponge. This bat is fantastic for better ball control and spin while passing up on the rate.

Yasaka Norway Spirit

A ping pong racket inspired by Mattias Falck, Yasaka Norway Spirit is really a lightweight racket for individuals beginning out. This racket is appropriate for those-round aggressive play. Choose this if you would like a superb spin.

Best Ping Pong Racket for Intermediate

Because the skills improve and achieve medium difficulty level, the main focus changes to applying spin towards the game play. The rubber mats ought to be so that it absorbs impacts and it has a grippy surface that may manipulate the spin from the ball. The racket base must supply the appropriate grip that feels natural. In an intermediate stage, you should produce a custom ping pong racket by selecting another blade and sticking relevant rubber mats on sides.

Probably the most popular ping pong blades are:

Butterfly Viscaria

An attractive wooden blade that mixes Arylate fiber with Carbon fibre for any lightweight yet high elasticity base. Obtainable in both flared in addition to straight handle, the Butterfly Viscaria blade is fantastic for quick re-looping quickly the bounce.

Yasaka Blades Range

You’ll be spoilt for choice with regards to Yasaka Ping Pong Blades. The multiple layers of best-quality laminated wood provide enough tensile strength & springiness in addition to damping the shocks. Obtainable in flared, straight in addition to anatomic handle style, these blades are perfect to fit your game for your skill.

Yasaka Mark V racket

Yasaka Mark V Racket is really a top-quality tournament bat for intermediate players which comes pre-put together. Her Mark V wooden base with Mark V 2. mm black and red rubber on each side. It compromises the control to greatly enhance the speed and spin factor. The flared handle ensures maximum grip with improved wrist movement.


With regards to ping pong bats, based on your level of skill, you should go for Yasaka Original Racket for novices and selecting a Custom Ping Pong Blade, combined with the rubber style that meets your look, is equipped for individuals who wish to change from store-bought rackets to personalized equipment.

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