Hearthstone: Voyage to the Sunken City expansion impressions

Blizzard Hearthstone just released its new expansion: Voyage towards the Sunken City, with 135 new cards so that as usual, new mechanics to help enhance your present deck or brand new ones.

For instance, there’s a brand new Colossal Legendary minions for every class that always spawns a couple of more extra appendages around the board every time they are called. Hearthstone Unleashing these Colossal minions can certainly turn the tides of the fight immediately.

The brand new expansion also introduces a brand new Hearthstone auto technician where one can summon effective, sunken treasure cards – which because the word “sunken” suggests, send them into the foot of your deck. As well as unleashing Ambassador Faelin to include 3 random Colossal minions at the end of the deck. That will help you “dig” these effective cards at the end, there is a new “Dredge” keyword being introduced.

“Dredge” enables players to choose among the three cards at the end of the deck to place on the top and draw next. Play these nicely and you’ll master the round very quickly.


Voyage towards the Sunken City also marks the change from the entire year from the Gryphon towards the Year from the Hydra meaning there’d be cards being moved from Standard to Wild. So if you were playing the conventional Rated mode, it’s time to re-look at your decks as you’ll probably have to replace a few of the cards.

Interestingly, some older cards happen to be updated making their way into the Core set, for example, Reno Jackson.

When it comes to Voyage towards the Sunken City new cards, you will find new Naga minions that induce a pleasant synergy between each other. With Amalgam from the Deep for instance, you are able to further uncover other Naga cards to fit your unique circumstances (or you haven’t unlocked a particular Naga card) while placing a minion simultaneously for board control. Gifts of Azshara (Mage) and Spitelash Siren (Mage) also rewards you for enjoying a Naga deck so it may be a great time to create a brand new deck utilizing these new Hearthstone Naga creatures.

The Spells deck may benefit from getting the Baba Naga, Naga Giant, Crushclaw Enforcer, Slithering Deathscale, Spellcoiler (Mage),

And many of these cards have relatively simple needs, for example casting a spell or more while getting the credit card inside your hands will unlock its ability.

Paladins with Holy spells may benefit using the new cards for example “The Garden’s Grace” or Illuminate. Immortalized in Stone summons 3 taunt minions for Paladin which may be an excellent stall towards the unsuspecting opponents when you prepare or watch for your combo.

For that Warrior class, Trenchstalker is a huge summon and may rapidly reduce an enemy’s hero health by 24 if performed in the proper time. And for those who have “From the Depths“, it’ll further lessen the cost by 3.

To obtain the new Voyage towards the Sunken City cards, you can buy through while using in-game gold or real cash as always, or obtain the Mega Bundle pack featuring its 80 Voyage towards the Sunken City card packs, 5 Golden Voyage towards the Sunken City card packs, two random Golden Legendary cards from Voyage towards the Sunken City, the initial Azshara card back, the mage hero Queen Azshara, Battleground Parks, and Bombardment finisher, and 5 Mercenaries Packs.

Upon opening the 80 cards from the Mega Bundle pack, here are the legendary cards I got:

  • Queen Azshara
  • Crabatoa
  • Ini Stormcoil
  • Radiance of Azshara (Shaman)
  • Glugg the Gulper (Shaman)
  • Priestess Valishj (Priest)
  • Blackwater Behemoth (Priest)

Using the proceed to the entire year from the Hydra, many effective and annoying decks get shaken by getting a few of the key cards taken off Standard. This certainly results in a dilemma whether or not to carry on making use of your old decks increase some cards with them, or completely produce a deck on your own (presuming you’ve unlocked an adequate amount of the brand new cards).

Nonetheless, still, it appears like players continue to be experimenting with the very best meta and cards on their own decks to complement their playstyle. I personally may need to reconsider whether I ought to be concentrating on my Mage Deck and it is Sorcerer’s Gambit quest.

To check on all of the new Voyage towards the Sunken City cards, mind off and away to this site and when you haven’t been playing for some time, it’s certainly a lot of fun to become back.

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